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Glad to know you, hero!

You are not alone in the arenas, come to meet your friend!


Come say hello to your hero and give them a name!

You'll help your hero to upgrade and climb up in the leaderboard. The arenas are dangerous, take care of each other.


This is Pablo, your personal pigeon tutor.

A new bee in the arenas? No worry, Pablo will show you how to well equip your first combat.


Who said heroes don’t have friends?

Count on your Machine! It's your true friend. It will collect materials for you even when you log off.

What are waiting for you?


Collect items and materials in the game.

There are multiple ways to collect materials. Winning a battle, level-up, or receiving the free daily chest. Your machine will collect materials as well even when you are logged off.


Your hero will fight on their own.

Enjoy epic combat animation! You can win materials and energy from victory, the latter will drive your machine to collect more materials. Don't forget to match your equipment and multiple slots strategically based on the nature of different materials.


Craft unique weapons, armors, and shields with materials.

Different materials bring different features to your hero. Choose wisely, remember there's no best combination, be flexible.


Climb the leaderboard to show newcomers who dominate the arenas!

Top players will receive generous rewards. Are you ready to guard your crown?

Enjoy aesthetics

Enjoy the epic music and animations made by heart.

Fight can also be aesthetic, right?


Tired of the stressful arena? Mini-Game is coming!

Take a rest with your hero and win materials. Put your glasses on, focus on the sky and catch all what the Machine through to you. Are you ready? Let’s go!