Meet The Crew

Nestled in the sunny South of France, our cosy studio is home to a passionate team of creators. At Exalted Studio, we blend skill with imagination to craft games that delight and inspire players worldwide. We're not just a studio; we're a small crew of about a dozen people, a family that loves to laugh, dream, and create together. Join us on this playful journey to make the world a bit more fun, one game at a time!



Calm and adorable, Menza works as the Chief Encouragement Officer since the first day and always gets the job done perfectly.

Florian de Gesincourt

CEO Creative Director

Senior concept artist on several titles (mobile games, AAA, movies and entertainment) and Creator of Big Helmet Heroes.



Multi-skilled and adaptable, Laurent worked for several entertainment companies for the past 12 years. He is also board game designer.



Lead 3D Artist, worked on several mobile games from the Talking Tom franchise.

Exalted Studio

Where Are We


Montpellier is the first city in France for indie video game studios: 90 video game studios, 600 people working in this industry, and many schools. This is why we choose this city, it will be easy for people to come to work in this city, and we can hire awesome people directly here.

Our previous game

Big Helmet Heroes : PVP Arena

Our first game was a multiplayer idle PvP mobile game: Big Helmet Heroes PvP Arena. With it, we developed a strong IP that became popular with many players. We had been building a community of highly involved players with whom we interacted on a daily basis. It also provided the opportunity to create the foundation of the BHH universe and greatly inspired us in the creation of our new game.