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  • The first season of Big Helmet Heroes is starting now for 45 days! Complete lot of quests and unlock tons of rewards to boost your progression and forge the best equipment for your Hero!
  • Get the SEASON PASS to get more rewards and unlock the skins
  • Get the MEGA PASS to start the season at stage 20 and directly unlock the first skin


  • From the season menu, access to the Quests
  • Daily quests: every day you have 2 quests to complete
  • Season quests: Every day you got 1 new quest. They are more difficult but more rewarding!


  • New menu for the skins: unlock them in the season and mix them all to create your unique hero
  • Unicorn head give specials animation and sound for entering the arena and victory


  • Trophy Race: Get a maximum of trophies in a limited amount of time to get amazing rewards! This event is online from time to time.


  • No prepare screen or victory/defeat screen: access to the combat directly
  • NEXT: after a victory/defeat, access to the next fight quickly
  • Victory: fill your energy gauge for your machine.
  • Victory, stars: fill up the star gauge, every 5 victories you got 1 star!


  • reward screen for each level
  • get a Blue energy at each level up (if you don’t have already a Blue energy)
  • unlock the skin Pablo at level 5!


  • Get the BLUE ENERGY at the hero level up or from the shop
  • Access to the BLUE ENERGY game and collect a maximum of resources by clicking on them


  • Green and blue (blue energy) gauge is glowing
  • Desynchronization with energy is fixed
  • The machine doesn’t switch to AUTO mode anymore at the refresh of the shop.


  • Material visuals are similar for basic and rare, better look in super rare and clean look in legendary


  • New environment : the hero stand in a nice forge to create the best equipment for the journey. Pablo, the pigeon, has a nice bird house.
  • New gauge and new for forged items: icons of armors, weapons and shields have now their own gauge with visible icons and the power is only one number which is the total of the materials.
  • Placement of the panels: the new gauge is on the left and shows the material the hero is wearing. Under, the button skin is visible to hide or show the skin if the hero has one. On the right, is the list of equipment of the heroes.


  • REDEEM Code: with a special code get some rewards
  • Purchase the BLUE ENERGY: 1 discount every day, then 500 gems


  • Offline rewards: if your hero got some victories when you are away, you earn some materials
  • Leaderboard: New icons of the player position in the leaderboard
  • Improving Main screen scene lighting
  • Update the News panel


  • attack sounds are now related to the type of attack (gold, wood…)